Principle of Linear air pump

Electromagnetic force drives the diaphragm attached to permanent magnet arm forward and backward, thus draw in the air and push it out
How does a linear air pump works

Linear air pump works using electromagnetic force to compress diaphragm forward and backward further vacuum or push airflow into or out from the pump. Magnetic field of electromagnet switches according to input electrical frequency cycle creating magnetic attraction and repellent forces, which drives the permanent magnet arm forward and backward. Diaphragms attached to the permanent magnet arm thus draw in the air and push it out.

Linear air pump operation is a result of well-adjusted cooperation between magnet and rubber diaphragm. Advantages of linear diaphragm air pump is quiet, long-life and energy effencient to proive stable pure clean airflow.

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How many times linear diaphragm moves per minute?

Each cycle diaphragm move forward and backward so count as 2 times per cycle. Typically, AC input electrical frequency either 50Hz or 60Hz is used, which means diaphragm moves 50 or 60 cycles per second so diaphragm move 100 times in 50Hz and 120 times per Second in 60Hz AC power supply. Every minute diaphragm completes 6,000 movement at a frequency of 50Hz or 7,200 movement at a frequency of 60Hz.
Advantage of Linear Air Pumps
Principle of Linear diaphragm pump
High Efficiency
Low Noise level
Smooth Air Flow
Easy Maintenance